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Elbow Arthroscopy and surgery in patient with congenital elbow problem

I had a really good experience from start to finish. Mr Mehta explained everything to me in detail which made me feel at ease. Both myself and Mr Mehta did have a conversation beforehand about the operation and were not sure if the operation would have an difference on my elbow. However, Mr Mehta worked his magic and I now have a very good range of movement in my elbow and this has improved my quality of life. I am now able to undertake tasks that I was not able to before and I am very pleased with the results.
Elbow Arthroscopy in patient with elbow arthritis: Mr Mehta completed a difficult procedure on my elbow which has given me movement and strength in my left arm. At all times before the operation he was open and honest regarding the possible outcome, which I appreciated. I had full confidence in his recommendation not to replace the joint and this has proven correct. I would be very happy for him to perform an operation in the future.
I would like to thank Mr Mehta for his help in resolving my Arthroscopic surgery of shoulder that was not only affecting my movement in my arm but was having a serious effect on my mental health with over 3 years of not having a proper nights sleep.

He was fully open in his consultations giving the full pros and cons of all the options available to me and the limitations of the surgery, He was attentive on the day of the operation and his support staff at the hospital were great the operation went better than any of us had expected giving me almost full movement in the arm.

The aftercare support was great too and my final consultation with Mr Mehta was a few weeks back now and I would recommend him to anyone requiring this type of surgery.
While concerned at the severity of the damage he agreed to perform an operation he described as 'Salvage Surgery' to help with pain and movement in the shoulder with the hope that I would get benefit at least in the short term.

While it took 6 months to initailly recover, it is now 18 months on from the surgery and I have been so overwhelmed at the difference to my shoulder. I have been pain-free and able to achieve shoulder movement that I never thought would be possible again. The surgery was an incredible achievement by yourself and I am extremely grateful for the skill and kindness you have shown me.
After visiting my physio for treatments she suggested me to contact Mr Mehta. I had a frozen shoulder, Mr Mehta first consultation put me at ease with the procedures that were on offer, but Mr Mehta suggestion for a hydro distension under x-ray with a steroid injection under local anaesthesia. His recommended treatment with physio which I agreed with.

Unbelievable results from the treatment, the pain has gone, near perfect movement in my shoulder. The best ever results we could have expected, I'm over the moon.
Could you please pass on to Mr Mehta that my elbow has now fully recovered, and I’m really happy with the results.

Great work!
Just a few words of thank you to you and your team. You gave me a REVERSE SHOULDER REPLACEMENT and I have recovered 90% of use of my arm. Physiotherapists have seen me and are amazed how it has made me so much active in such short time. I will always appreciate the help you have given me.
I would just like to put on record, how very pleased i am with the results of my hydro distention injections. My frozen shoulder was causing me severe pain and loss of sleep. Thanks to mr mehta and his team i have 100% of movement pain free. Thankyou so much.
To Mr. Mehta and Team, thank you for mending my arm!
I would like to provide you with feedback regarding my recent surgery (Arthroscopic subacromial decompression) to repair the partial thickness tear in my left shoulder.

I wanted to make you aware of the substantial benefits this surgery has provided. I am now able to move my left arm significantly higher than the recorder 40 degrees you saw during my consultation.

There has been a significant improvement to my arm mobility and I believe this is as a direct result of the surgery. For me this was the more beneficial outcome.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for allowing me to progress straight to the surgical option on this occasion and allow me to have a much improved quality of life.
The treatment given to me by Mr. Mehta has completely taken away the pain in my hand. My treatment has been first class!
I wanted to thank you for your excellent treatment of me and my trigger fingers. You were so professional and sympathetic, explained what had happened and how you would treat it. You described pros and cons of the treatment.

I was delighted when the treatment was successful and I was very touched that you were so delighted too.

Once again, may I thank you for your help in removing a constant pain which was blighting my life.
Very glad I came to Rowley Hall, very satisfied with treatment received.  Wonderful doctor Mr. Mehta.
Mr. Mehta was very clear in his explanation of my injury. He was thorough and most kind. Thank you.
I have had treatment from Mr. S. Mehta. Whom I cannot fault from start to finish. All staff as you come in and until you leave are excellent. Hospital so friendly.
I am writing to express my gratitude to my surgeon Mr. Mehta for performing the two shoulder repair operations that I needed following an accident. I would like to thank Mr. Mehta and nursing staff at Stafford Hospital for the care I received and excellent results following the operation.
I had an operation on my left shoulder by Dr. Mehta. Two days after 3.5 hours operation, I stopped using pain killers and now have nearly normal movement back to my shoulder. Post-op after 2 weeks, followed up with Dr. Mehta, fantastic job done. Very pleased & cannot thank all the staff for their help & assistance. A truly excellent hospital & staff.
I would just like to say thank you for offering your services to help Royal Stoke to reduce their current wait times for new shoulders referrals and current backlog wait times. With your help in clinics and in theatres this as help reduce both Outpatient and Inpatient wait times.
To all the staff and team involved in orthopaedics and thank you for your efficiency to all correspondence. I am thanking you so much for all the treatments I have received for my shoulder replacement operation. Also thank you so much Mr. Mehta for the wonderful work you have done on my shoulder. Your kindness and concern of all procedures involved in the operation and afterwards your success and expertise achieved is marvellous.
MRI scan revealed that I have chronic, severe osteoarthritis in my right shoulder. Since then, the doctors at Ashley Surgery, Mr Shilvock and Mr. Mehta have been wonderful and this has been like a life saver. It has and will change the quality of my life.
I am writing a note as a token of my appreciation for all the excellent care I have received since my admission. I felt very reassured and much calmer knowing that all would be fine with such caring staff. I was very impressed with their explanations of all the procedures I would have to go through operation and after the shoulder replacement. This I am sure it helped enormously with my recovery. All the ward staff were excellent and very attentive to all my needs. They made my stay a very pleasing positive experience.
In particular, I would like to directly thank Mr. Saurabh Mehta, who saw me at short notice given my injury. He could not have been more reassuring and accommodating pre/post operation to fix plate/screws required to stabilizer my collar bone. It would be appreciated if you could please pass on my genuine thanks to Mr Mehta and his team for the care and treatment received whilst at the County Hospital Stafford.
On the 7th of May I underwent surgery on my shoulder performed by Mr. Saurabh Mehta. I was very limited in my movement as a scan was showing my tendon had severed and I had serious muscle damage. From my first meeting with Mr Mehta and his Registrar Laurence Maulton, I felt confident that I was in safe hands. Mr Mehta explained that he hoped to attach the tendon, repair the muscle damage and shave the bone on the rotator cuff, all to be achieved by key hole surgery if possible. Today for weeks after surgery I have four unbelievably small entry wounds and movement that is improving by the day.
Thank you very much for all the help you gave me when I was under your care. I am getting on really well and may still be able to play.
Thank you for all of your care. It is invaluable and means a lot to me and my family.
A big heartfelt thank you to Mr Mehta and his team for making my right shoulder operation a success. You have changed my life for the better.
Thank you for helping me with my shoulder problem.
Previous to my operation, I was virtually rendered incapacitated with my right shoulder. After my operation by Dr. Mehta, which I can say is a total success, my ability to move my arms has improved by 95%. I have virtually no pain and can do more daily activities than before my operation. I whole heartedly would recommend surgery by Mr Mehta. I have 100% confidence in his ability as a surgeon.
I would like to say well done to Mr Saurab Mehta for treatment on my shoulder. It went well and I was able to work in 8 weeks.
I had not heard of, or met you, prior to AXA giving me your name and they could not have done better. I hope that the results of my Carpal Tunnel surgery are as satisfactory to you as they certainly are for me. I comfortably completed my first weight training session for 3 months. I have regained my ability to pick up a pin! Fine control.
I believe the care I received to be exemplary. Communication was clear, comprehensive, and unhurried allowing time to take in and clearly understand the information presented despite the difficult circumstances. Even with emergency pressures pushing the system almost past breaking point on the planned day of the procedure the care from ward and theatre teams was brilliant, allowing me to get home the same day and proceed with my rehabilitation. I have nothing but praise for Mr Mehta and the teams within which he works to get such great results for those in his care!
Mr. Mehta and his staff are a compliment to this hospital. Mr. Mehta is clear in communication and is person centred. He is by far the best consultant I have ever been under and it is a pleasure to be under his care as I feel I am getting the very best advice and treatment that I could ask for. In this difficult economic time and challenging environment the NHS need to support their staff and reward good working practices. Mr Mehta is one of the best.
I went to see Mr. Mehta, orthopaedic consultant. I was so pleased and impressed with Mr. Mehta and all his staff. Mr. Mehta put himself out and gave me an injection even though he was very busy. Thank you to everyone.

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